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Welcome and Thank you for considering Intelligentsia School and College (ISC) as your chosen place for your child. The admission procedure in Intelligentsia School and College (ISC) is as easy as the pie. Throughout the admission procedure ISC creates an equal opportunity for all to get their admission.


The ISC has a clear and straightforward admission selection process. To ensure successful admission for your child, please read the admission package and follow the instructions with care. 

Each year the number of available spaces for new students is limited. The only way for a student to be accepted into our school is through a successful admission examination and interview. 

Admission to the ISC, Dhaka is a four step process. Please note that all timelines must be met. The admission process is transparent, fair and based on merit.

The Application Process: 

Application for all classes is based on availability. There are 25 places within each year class.

Step 1: Collection of Application Form 

The admission package can be obtained from the Aga Khan School, Dhaka Senior building during the month of October/November.

Step 2: Submission of Admission Test 
The completed application form must be returned to the School by the date printed in the Admission Package at which time an admit card is given.

Step 3 Admission Test Date and Time

When submitting the application form applicants will be assigned an interview date and time.

Step 4: Admission Test 

For Classes Play  to Nine, an admission examination, either verbal or written, will be held. Only students who meet the required standard in the written examinations will be interviewed with their parents for final selection.

Step 5: Deposit of Fees and required documnets

The finally selected applicant will have to deposit their required fees (Admission Fees, Session Fees, Others Fees) to the accounts department and required docuemnts to the admission office. 

Step 6- ACC Collection 

The guardian/student will have to collect a admission completion certificate (ACC) from the admission office.


General Instructions for Admission

  • Admission application form is available at the respective school offices and is to be submitted by the last date notified by the school management.

  • It is parent’s responsibility to submit all the required documents with the Admission Contract and Admission Application Form.

  • Prior to admission, pupils are required to appear for an admission test.

  • Following the admission test, an interview will be conducted with the students. Admission test results will be announced or the parents will be informed by phone calls within 3-5 days.

  • Selected candidates must complete admission process within seven days by paying the admission fee and submitting all the necessary documents; otherwise admission result will not be valid.

  • The school management reserves the right to reject a candidate at any stage of the admission and afterwards, and the school is not bound to give reasons.


Some more information: 

  • In case, parents fail to submit the required documents, they must have to submit an application.

  • Acceptance of admission application form does not necessarily mean admittance of a candidate to school.

  • Any admission application form containing incorrect or false information will result in rejection or discontinuation from the school.

  • ISC does admit students out of standard admission schedul 

Required Documents for Admission


  1. 05 copies recent passport-size and 01 copy stamp-size color photographs of the student.

  2. Mother’s and Father’s 2 copies passport-size color photographs.

  3. Photocopy of student’s Birth Registartion Certificate.

  4. Mother’s and father’s NID Photocopy.

  5. Student’s Transfer Certificate/Testimonial and the original marksheet of the previous class. (Junior-Eight Class, If Applicable)

  6. Original Admit card, Clearance paper, Marksheet, and Certificate of the P.E.C Examination (for class VI only)

  7. Original Admit card, Clearance paper, Marksheet and Certificate of J.S.C Examination (for class IX)


ISC has certain rules for the admission process. Each applicant and parent is interviewed in order for the school authority to get clear idea about the students and parents, and also for the school to judge how they will match with each other. Besides, it gives the school an opportunity to regulations of the school in the presence of the parents or guardians.


Our Contact details are:


Building No: 5, Road: Main Raod, Block-F, Banasree, Rampura Dhaka-1230.

Mobile: 01792-309060 



NB: The address is easily availabe on the Google Maps. 



To provide the hassle free admission to the guardians and student during this Corona Pandemic, Intelligentsia School and College has adopted a policy for online admission. This onlin admission policy is a complete process, and an applicant can complete it by remianing themselves at home. Even the student/guardian living in abroad can also get this opportunity of admssion. 


Step 1: Submission of information using the prescribed form provided in the website


Alternative Process:

The applicant can also

In case of online application, there will be no admission package price. The applicant have to collect all the information form the Website. But, if anyone wants to collect the printed package, then they have to pay only BDT. 300.00 (Three Hundred) for English Version and BDT. 200.00 (Two Hundred) for Bangla Medium. 

Step 2: Process of the Admission Information by the Adsmission Office

The admission officials will process the admisison form/information and will contact the applicant/guardians timely. 

Step 3: Admission Test

The Admission office will take steps to evaluate the students based on the age and classes the applicant applied for. The Admsission office will take necessary steps to arrange the suitable test/exams procedure for the candiate. 

Step 4: Deposit of the fees

The Guardian/Applicant have to deposit the admission related fees to the Bank account (Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd.) or Bkash or Rocket . The amount of all fees (after deducting the waivers or scholarship, if applicable) will be determined by the Admission Officials.

Step 5: Admission Completion Document Deliver

The applicant/guardian will be provided an admission completion document from the admission office mentioning the brief information of the classes. (The ACD Form) (DOC) or (PDF)


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