Intelligentsia School and College - ISC
Governing Body

The Intelligentsia School and College (ISC) has been established in 2019 by Intelligentsia Foundation which belongs to a dedicated group of educationist and edu-entrepreneurs who want to bring a real change in the education filed throught their all out effort. The Intelligentsia foundation is headed by its honorable chairman and it is co-chaired by its vice Chairman. The committe members of Intelligentsia Foundation are:

1. Mahbubur Rahman - Chairman

BSc Honors, MSc,

Jahangirnagar University

MA in London


02. Shamima Binte Nur - Vice Chairman

BSc Honors, MSc, 

Jahangirnagar University

PhD fellow in Education


03. Md Ratan Deb -Member

BSS (Honors) MSS

University of Science and Technology. Sylhet


04. Md Mizanur Rahman -Member

BSS (Honors), MSS

University of Dhaka


05. Jubaida Khatun Rani - Member


Bangladesh Bank


06. Md Baizid Hosain - Member secreatry

Vice Principal

Intellignetsia School and College

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