Science club,
ISC Satyen Bose Science Club

Intelligentsia School and College

Banasree, Rampura, Dhaka

Introduction of the ISC Satyen Bose Science Club



Increase science based consciousness among the students.



  1. Promote scientifilia among the students.


  1. Disappear the science-phobia of the students.


  1. Introduce them with the daily impacts of science on lives.


  1. Introduce them to world famous scientists and scientific discoveries.


  1. Getting them know how science is playing its role in solving human society's problems.



  1. Form some groups based on the classes of  the members of ISBSC members to get them involved in different science based activities.


  1. Arrange "Science Talk" monthly.


  1. Assist in gaining the latest discoveries of science & Technologies in home and abroad.


  1. Arrange annual science fair in the School premise.


  1. Participate in different science fairs and Science Olympiads arranged by others in the local, national and international arena.


  1. Taking internal Preparations for the ISBSC members for different programs.


  1. Arrange academic science book based monthly quiz tests.


  1. Arrange regular meetings for the club members.


  1. Organize regular competition programs in Intelligentsia School and College for the upliftment of the science knowledge of the students.


  1. Form a Biggan Chinta Readers Forum (BCRF) in Intelligentsia School and College.

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